W. Alan Canty Tour 2010

what brand of Beer ?

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Back in 1996-1997 when I was pregnant with Sarah, my mom gives me this paperback book to read. I am generally one of those types of people who does not like book recommendations, I don’t like anything shoved at me or anyone insisting I read something….but you know what? 90% of the time I do enjoy the rec. Yeah, I can be a stubborn-ass sometimes. I don’t often enjoy fiction except for a few old favorites like the old V.C. Andrews junk which reminds me of my teen years (and, by the way two winters ago, I proceeded to purchase all of the hard covers I could find on Amazon and Ebay of the Flowers in the Attic, Heaven series, and the one My Sweet Audrina book and re-read all of them AGAIN…!). I’ve been wanting to read some of those old Judy Blume books too. Most of the time…

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