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W. Alan Canty Tour Blog – Some Comments

Some people were getting up set but they were not even being talked about. If they don’t wand to be bothered by the blog then why do they read it and comment on it, the answer is that they have nothing else to do but keep stuff stirred up. I discovered the blog by accident and enjoy it. I’m still in need of pictures of Dawn, John Cheryl and child. I can be E-ed at

Rachel's Blog

In 2010, I published a little book review on this blog, and the photo results of a Detroit city “tour” a friend and I did based on locations mentioned in the book. She and I, and my mom who introduced me to the book, were fascinated by the story. I think our fascination was sparked mainly because this happened so close to home, and so very many of the references and places were familiar to us having grown up in the Detroit area.

Never in a million years did I ever think many people would see it. I created the blog to vent and record stories about my life in general at the time. Writing has always been kind of theraputic for me. At the time of creation of this one, I was going through a divorce. In a drunken argument one night, my ex husband called me a “dirty bar whore” in a…

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